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Tsukumogami Kashimasu

Other name: Tsukumogami Kashimasu


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The series is set in old Edo's Fukagawa ward during the Edo era (present-day Tokyo). Residents rent common things like pots, futons, and clothing from stores rather than buying them since the area is prone to fire and water. This allows them to evacuate without being hampered. Izumoya is a rental store managed by Obeni and Seiji, an elder sister and younger brother. Tsukumogami, things that have transformed into ghosts after a hundred years of existence, are mingled in with their inventory. Customers are occasionally loaned these sentient goods by the twins. Obeni and Seiji have the ability to see and communicate with these ghosts, and other tsukumogami frequently visit the store after hearing about the famous brothers.

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