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Seikon no Qwaser

Other name: Seikon no Qwaser


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When Tomo Yamanobe's father—the former principal of Saint Mikhailov School—disappeared, he left behind nothing but a work of art known as the "icon." Soon after his disappearance, reports of a serial murderer assaulting female academy students began to circulate. As Tomo and her sister Mafuyu Oribe return home after being bullied at school, Tomo falls over an injured silver-haired kid who vanishes while being treated. Mafuyu rushes in search of him, only to discover that the church containing the image is on fire. When she tries to defend the painting, the alleged serial murderer strikes her with an unexplained power to control magnesium. The silver-haired boy with iron control appears out of nowhere and saves Mafuyu.

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