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Night Wizard

Other name: Night Wizard


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The Night Wizard. A word used to describe individuals whose purpose it is to keep the world safe from oncoming darkness. Renji Hiiragi is one such Night Wizard who is continually summoned on missions despite the fact that all he wants to do is go to school and graduate. His most recent command, though, was to defend Elis Shiho, a new transfer student at his institution. Being dragged into the Astronomy Club by Renji's childhood friend, Kureha Akabane on her first day at school, Elis soon realises that she too, has the power to become a night wizard, after possessing one of seven secret Jewels, the Jewel of Kindness. Elis, together with Renji and Kureha, is now embarking on her struggle and new life as a Night Wizard.

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