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Kemono Jihen

Other name: Kemono Jihen


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Kohachi Inugami, an occult investigator, comes in a rural town in the Japanese countryside, instructed by a hostess at a nearby inn to investigate a succession of cases involving decaying and mangled animal bodies that arise for no apparent cause. Inugami spots a strange young kid laboring in the fields while surveying. The young farmhand, shunned by his friends and dubbed "Dorotabou" for his stink, is startled that anybody would be interested in him. Curiosity drives Inugami to solicit Dorotabou's assistance in the probe, despite the locals' disdain. Unbeknownst to Dorotabou, this inquiry would open up a weird new world for him, with one of the beast-like beings known as Kemono coexisting with humans.

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