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One of the last human civilizations on Earth can be found within the domed metropolis of Romdo. A massive ecological disaster devastated the earth thousands of years ago; now, living beyond these domes is nearly impossible. To help humanity heal faster, "AutoReivs," humanoid-like robots, have been constructed to aid humans in their daily lives. AutoReivs, on the other hand, have begun to develop an unexplained sickness known as the "Cogito Virus," which offers them self-awareness. Re-l Mayer, the granddaughter of Romdo's king, is tasked with investigating the occurrence with her AutoReiv companion Iggy. However, what starts out as a regular investigation rapidly turns into a conspiracy as Re-l is confronted with humanity's greatest atrocities. In Romdo, an AutoReiv specialist named Vincent Law must also confront his problems as strange happenings begin.

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