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Divine Gate

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The Divine Gate tale is a narrative given to children that describes the union of the living world, the heavens, and the underworld. The World Council is an institution that manages the chaos of the Gate by portraying its mythology as nothing more than a myth. "Adapters"—people born with special elemental talents bestowed to them by the merging of these worlds—formed the World Council. These Adapters receive training in a World Council-owned special academy where they can improve their talents. Aoto, an adolescent with outstanding water skills and a painful history, declines the academy's invitation multiple times—until he is successfully persuaded by the lively wind user Midori and the tenacious fire user Akane. In collaboration with the World Council and their mysterious leader Arthur, they seek out the Gate in the hopes of uncovering the truth. But in order to reach their goals, they must unite and overcome their own despair while dealing with behind the scene mischief.

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