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Kanae Otowa has resided in her family's historic house, Otowakan, since her father spent the rest of the family money and fled town. With no means to repay her father's debts, Otowakan is being foreclosed, and Kanae is forced to evict the remaining residents—her friend Sousuke Kagura and two mysterious characters claiming to be her father's acquaintances, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. After being revived, Mozart and Beethoven have adopted the names "Motes" and "Beethes," respectively, and have began to engage in a variety of foolish, non-musical activities. While refusing to leave Otowakan, Beethes discovers Musik's secret power, preserving Otowakan from demolition and prolonging his eviction. With this finding, additional Musik users, including Frédéric, are lured to Otowakan.

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