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Bannou Bunka Nekomusume

Other name: Bannou Bunka Nekomusume


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The overall series plot is on the villainous Mishima Industries' goal to rule the globe through its products. Each episode focuses on Nuku Nuku's adventures and blunders in high school, as well as her relationships with students. The slightly insane Kyuusaku Natsume and Nuku Nuku, the android who functions as a friend to his little kid, are opposed to this scheme. Nuku Nuku's classmates are all oddballs, and the class president, Futaba, is a demanding control freak who refuses to relinquish control at school. Chieko Shirakaba is the affluent snob who always has two yes-girls on her side. A bookworm, a mystic, a physicist, and a pop singer are among the characters. All of these are true to their descriptions: the mystic uses tarot cards to forecast doom.

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