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Astarotte no Omocha!

Other name: Astarotte no Omocha!


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Succubi, like Astarotte "Lotte" Ygvar, need on males for life seed in order to exist, replenish their magic, and maintain the magical realm's royal bloodline. This necessitates succubi keeping a harem of men near at hand. Lotte, ironically, despises males, which puts her life in jeopardy as she ages. One of her attendants, Judith Snorrevik, goes to the human realm to find a human guy Lotte can tolerate in order to persuade her to carry out her tasks. Judith reappears with Naoya Touhara, a 23-year-old single father who has left his daughter, Asuha, behind in the human realm. As the first member of Lotte's harem, Naoya soon adjusts to her new surroundings, preferring to serve the princess in order to make her happy.

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